Pay for peaceful sleep

It’s time to thank the Ukrainian military. The ones who protect your peaceful sleep. Download this alarm clock and help our military, all without getting out of bed.

How does it work

Еvery pull of the snooze button

transfers money for the army needs.

And while you continue sleeping,

they guard your peaceful sleep.

All the money will be transferred to the charity fund "Come Back Alive". It’s a proven and trusted organization that actually helps, so you can sleep peacefully.

What’s inside


Where will my money go?

All donations will go to Come Back Alive. They will spend it on night vision devices, mobile radios, GPS-navigators, sights, drones, etc. Other words for everything necessary for your peaceful sleep.

Is it safe?

Yes, it's absolutely safe. The encrypted data of your card will be protected by Visa and Mastercard technologies according to strict PCI DSS Level 1 security certificate.

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